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Protection Under Real Estate Law in Hugo, OK

Obtaining legal advice is always wise when you're undertaking a real estate transaction. Real estate contracts and titles are the main areas of real estate law in Hugo, OK, the Rabon Law Firm focuses on.

Buyer or Seller Representation

Call Bob Rabon to talk about the property you want to purchase. He can draw up the documents to be used for the sale and purchase, and each document is customized to fit the deal. Bob Rabon gets all the parties to agree on the contract, and he makes any changes required to get everybody signed. When representing a buyer, Bob Rabon will examine an abstract to plot the history of filings against the property in the courthouse. He also looks for liens or gaps in the title.

Indian Titles

Because of the special way Indian titles need to be handled, Bob Rabon helps with a lot of those cases. He has extensive experience in federal Indian law. There are still a lot of restricted title issues, such as being half blood or more, and you need to sell the property through the courts. Bob Rabon can assist you with the necessary Agency or Court to complete your restricted Indian land titles.

Probate law deals with federal laws, and Bob Rabon can help you with Indian issues even if you are in another Indian nation outside of his area of practice. He can also help you do business with one of the Indian nations, as they are governments unto themselves.

Commercial Contracts

If a dispute arises over a contract or the performance of a clause in a contract, it's invaluable to have a lawyer involved. Perhaps the seller cannot contract what they attempted to, or they have not performed as they contracted to. You can also get legal services to contract the sale of a business. The Rabon Law Firm is mainly a county seat law practice, and the office is only three blocks from the courthouse.