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Plan Ahead for Probate Court in Hugo, OK

Probate law is concerned with settling the final affairs of someone who has passed away. When it comes to the distribution of your estate, it's a good idea to plan ahead. The Rabon Law Firm focuses on probate court in Hugo, OK matters and preparing wills and trusts. You can rely on Bob Rabon's experience. From contacting your heirs to admitting your will for probate, he attends to your priorities.

If you are disputing a will in probate court, engage Bob Rabon. He can represent you in court and advise you on how to conduct yourself. His assistance includes informing you on what you can and cannot do in court, and he works to see that the estate is distributed to the proper heirs.

The Difference Between Wills & Trusts

When you come in and ask for a will or a trust, you will be asked if you want your estate to be public or private. If you answer private, meaning you do not want the world to know how rich or poor you were, creating a trust is the way to go. Relying on a will is common, but a will makes your information available to the public. Since you have to go through the courts, the outcome is a matter of public record, and the documents can be viewed by anyone who asks for them. 

Draft a Will

Bob Rabon will help you determine the beneficiaries you wish to name in your will. He marshals your assets and discusses the distribution of them with you. All assets are recorded with the court. Once matters are settled, your will is drafted, and he ensures that it will be admissible in court. Wills must go through probate court to get formal assent for distribution of your assets.

Create a Trust

A trust is an entity through which you can deed land and other property to a successor. When you pass away, that successor trustee distributes your assets according to the directions in the trust. The biggest reason to set up a trust is that you will not have to go through the probate process.

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