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Compensation Under Personal Injury Law in Hugo, OK

Personal injury law in Hugo, OK, is concerned with establishing liability and determining the appropriate compensation. If you have been hurt and believe another party is at fault, call the Rabon Law Firm for free advice. In truth, perhaps three out of four personal injury clients have an actionable case. Either the other party's liability cannot be proven, or the compensation for the damage inflicted is not great enough to warrant the expense of going to court.

Assessment of Your Case

If you call and say that your family member was hit by a truck and is now paralyzed, that's a solid case; but other cases are not so clear. So call the office for a consultation on launching a lawsuit for damages. Your case and your damages will be evaluated, and you will be told if seeking compensation is cost-effective.

Lead Counsel or Co-Counsel

If your matter is actionable, your case will either be accepted or referred. It's important to have the right lawyer take your case to court. If necessary and deemed in your best interests, Bob Rabon may refer you to a lawyer with relevant experience. Depending on the circumstances, Bob Rabon may be your lead counsel, or he may be co-counsel or co-chair with another lawyer.

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